Ray Cluster Launcher

Ray comes with a built-in cluster launcher that makes deploying a Ray cluster simple.

# First, run `pip install boto3` and `aws configure`
# Create or update the cluster. When the command finishes, it will print
# out the command that can be used to SSH into the cluster head node.
$ ray up ray/python/ray/autoscaler/aws/example-full.yaml

This will provision resources from a node provider (like AWS EC2 or Kubernetes) to instantiate the specified cluster, and start a Ray cluster on the provisioned resources. Once the Ray cluster is running, you can manually SSH into it or use provided commands like ray attach, ray rsync-up, and ray exec to access it and run Ray programs. Check out the Usage Guide for instructions on how to use the cluster launcher.

You can configure the Ray Cluster Launcher to use with a cloud provider, an existing Kubernetes cluster, or a private cluster of machines.

Check out the below for more information about how to configure and use the cluster launcher.

Questions or Issues?

You can post questions or issues or feedback through the following channels:

  1. ray-dev@googlegroups.com: For discussions about development or any general questions and feedback.

  2. StackOverflow: For questions about how to use Ray.

  3. GitHub Issues: For bug reports and feature requests.