Check out the Tune User Guides To learn more about Tune’s features in depth.

Experiment Tracking Examples

Ray Tune integrates with some popular Experiment tracking and management tools, such as CometML, or Weights & Biases. If you’re interested in learning how to use Ray Tune with Tensorboard, you can find more information in our Guide to logging and outputs.

Hyperparameter Optimization Framework Examples

Tune integrates with a wide variety of hyperparameter optimization frameworks and their respective search algorithms. Here you can find detailed examples on each of our integrations:

Other Examples


Learn how to use Tune in your browser with the following Colab-based exercises.

Exercise Description Library Colab Link
Basics of using Tune. TF/Keras Tune Tutorial
Using Search algorithms and Trial Schedulers to optimize your model. Pytorch Tune Tutorial
Using Population-Based Training (PBT). Pytorch Tune Tutorial
Fine-tuning Huggingface Transformers with PBT. Huggingface Transformers/Pytorch Tune Tutorial
Logging Tune Runs to Comet ML. Comet Tune Tutorial

Tutorial source files can be found here.