Syncing in Tune (tune.SyncConfig, tune.Syncer)#

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See this user guide for more details and examples.

Tune Syncing Configuration#

SyncConfig([upload_dir, syncer, ...])

Configuration object for Tune syncing.

Remote Storage Syncer Interface (tune.Syncer)#


Syncer([sync_period, sync_timeout])

Syncer class for synchronizing data between Ray nodes and remote (cloud) storage.

Syncer Methods to Implement#

Syncer.sync_up(local_dir, remote_dir[, exclude])

Synchronize local directory to remote directory.

Syncer.sync_down(remote_dir, local_dir[, ...])

Synchronize remote directory to local directory.


Delete directory on remote storage.


Wait for asynchronous sync command to finish.

Syncer.wait_or_retry([max_retries, backoff_s])

Tune Built-in Syncers#

SyncerCallback([enabled, sync_period])

Callback to synchronize trial directories on a worker node with the driver.

_DefaultSyncer([sync_period, sync_timeout])

Default syncer between local storage and remote URI.

_BackgroundSyncer([sync_period, sync_timeout])

Syncer using a background process for asynchronous file transfer.