AimLoggerCallback.setup(stop: Stopper | None = None, num_samples: int | None = None, total_num_samples: int | None = None, **info)#

Called once at the very beginning of training.

Any Callback setup should be added here (setting environment variables, etc.)

  • stop – Stopping criteria. If time_budget_s was passed to train.RunConfig, a TimeoutStopper will be passed here, either by itself or as a part of a CombinedStopper.

  • num_samples – Number of times to sample from the hyperparameter space. Defaults to 1. If grid_search is provided as an argument, the grid will be repeated num_samples of times. If this is -1, (virtually) infinite samples are generated until a stopping condition is met.

  • total_num_samples – Total number of samples factoring in grid search samplers.

  • **info – Kwargs dict for forward compatibility.