Source code for ray.serve.handle

from typing import Optional, Dict, Any, Union

from ray.serve.context import TaskContext
from ray.serve.router import RequestMetadata

[docs]class RayServeHandle: """A handle to a service endpoint. Invoking this endpoint with .remote is equivalent to pinging an HTTP endpoint. Example: >>> handle = serve.get_handle("my_endpoint") >>> handle RayServeHandle( Endpoint="my_endpoint", Traffic=... ) >>> handle.remote(my_request_content) ObjectRef(...) >>> ray.get(handle.remote(...)) # result >>> ray.get(handle.remote(let_it_crash_request)) # raises RayTaskError Exception """ def __init__( self, router_handle, endpoint_name, *, method_name=None, shard_key=None, http_method=None, http_headers=None, ): self.router_handle = router_handle self.endpoint_name = endpoint_name self.method_name = method_name self.shard_key = shard_key self.http_method = http_method self.http_headers = http_headers
[docs] def remote(self, request_data: Optional[Union[Dict, Any]] = None, **kwargs): """Issue an asynchrounous request to the endpoint. Returns a Ray ObjectRef whose results can be waited for or retrieved using ray.wait or ray.get, respectively. Returns: ray.ObjectRef Args: request_data(dict, Any): If it's a dictionary, the data will be available in ``request.json()`` or ``request.form()``. Otherwise, it will be available in ````. ``**kwargs``: All keyword arguments will be available in ``request.args``. """ request_metadata = RequestMetadata( self.endpoint_name, TaskContext.Python, call_method=self.method_name or "__call__", shard_key=self.shard_key, http_method=self.http_method or "GET", http_headers=self.http_headers or dict(), ) return self.router_handle.enqueue_request.remote( request_metadata, request_data, **kwargs)
[docs] def options(self, method_name: Optional[str] = None, *, shard_key: Optional[str] = None, http_method: Optional[str] = None, http_headers: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None): """Set options for this handle. Args: method_name(str): The method to invoke on the backend. http_method(str): The HTTP method to use for the request. shard_key(str): A string to use to deterministically map this request to a backend if there are multiple for this endpoint. """ return RayServeHandle( self.router_handle, self.endpoint_name, # Don't override existing method method_name=self.method_name or method_name, shard_key=self.shard_key or shard_key, http_method=self.http_method or http_method, http_headers=self.http_headers or http_headers, )
def __repr__(self): return f"RayServeHandle(endpoint='{self.endpoint_name}')"