Source code for ray.serve.handle

import ray
from ray import serve
from ray.serve.context import TaskContext
from ray.serve.exceptions import RayServeException
from ray.serve.request_params import RequestMetadata

[docs]class RayServeHandle: """A handle to a service endpoint. Invoking this endpoint with .remote is equivalent to pinging an HTTP endpoint. Example: >>> handle = serve.get_handle("my_endpoint") >>> handle RayServeHandle( Endpoint="my_endpoint", URL="...", Traffic=... ) >>> handle.remote(my_request_content) ObjectID(...) >>> ray.get(handle.remote(...)) # result >>> ray.get(handle.remote(let_it_crash_request)) # raises RayTaskError Exception """ def __init__( self, router_handle, endpoint_name, relative_slo_ms=None, absolute_slo_ms=None, method_name=None, shard_key=None, ): self.router_handle = router_handle self.endpoint_name = endpoint_name assert relative_slo_ms is None or absolute_slo_ms is None, ( "Can't specify both " "relative and absolute " "slo's together!") self.relative_slo_ms = self._check_slo_ms(relative_slo_ms) self.absolute_slo_ms = self._check_slo_ms(absolute_slo_ms) self.method_name = method_name self.shard_key = shard_key def _check_slo_ms(self, slo_value): if slo_value is not None: try: slo_value = float(slo_value) if slo_value < 0: raise ValueError( "Request SLO must be positive, it is {}".format( slo_value)) return slo_value except ValueError as e: raise RayServeException(str(e)) return None def remote(self, *args, **kwargs): if len(args) != 0: raise RayServeException( "handle.remote must be invoked with keyword arguments.") method_name = self.method_name if method_name is None: method_name = "__call__" # create RequestMetadata instance request_in_object = RequestMetadata( self.endpoint_name, TaskContext.Python, self.relative_slo_ms, self.absolute_slo_ms, call_method=method_name, shard_key=self.shard_key, ) return self.router_handle.enqueue_request.remote( request_in_object, **kwargs) def options(self, method_name=None, shard_key=None, relative_slo_ms=None, absolute_slo_ms=None): # If both the slo's are None then then we use a high default # value so other queries can be prioritize and put in front of these # queries. assert not all([absolute_slo_ms, relative_slo_ms ]), ("Can't specify both " "relative and absolute " "slo's together!") # Don't override existing method if method_name is None and self.method_name is not None: method_name = self.method_name if shard_key is None and self.shard_key is not None: shard_key = self.shard_key return RayServeHandle( self.router_handle, self.endpoint_name, relative_slo_ms, absolute_slo_ms, method_name=method_name, shard_key=shard_key, ) def get_traffic_policy(self): master_actor = serve.api._get_master_actor() return ray.get( master_actor.get_traffic_policy.remote(self.endpoint_name)) def __repr__(self): return """ RayServeHandle( Endpoint="{endpoint_name}", Traffic={traffic_policy} ) """.format( endpoint_name=self.endpoint_name, traffic_policy=self.get_traffic_policy(), )