Trainable.restore(checkpoint_path: str | Checkpoint | _TrainingResult)[source]#

Restores training state from a given model checkpoint.

These checkpoints are returned from calls to save().

Subclasses should override load_checkpoint() instead to restore state. This method restores additional metadata saved with the checkpoint.

checkpoint_path should match with the return from save().

  • checkpoint_path – Path to restore checkpoint from. If this path does not exist on the local node, it will be fetched from external (cloud) storage if available, or restored from a remote node.

  • checkpoint_node_ip – If given, try to restore checkpoint from this node if it doesn’t exist locally or on cloud storage.

  • fallback_to_latest – If True, will try to recover the latest available checkpoint if the given checkpoint_path could not be found.

DeveloperAPI: This API may change across minor Ray releases.