ray.util.state.list_logs(address: str | None = None, node_id: str | None = None, node_ip: str | None = None, glob_filter: str | None = None, timeout: int = 30) Dict[str, List[str]][source]#

Listing log files available.

  • address – Ray bootstrap address, could be auto, localhost:6379. If not specified, it will be retrieved from the initialized ray cluster.

  • node_id – Id of the node containing the logs.

  • node_ip – Ip of the node containing the logs.

  • glob_filter – Name of the file (relative to the ray log directory) to be retrieved. E.g. glob_filter="*worker*" for all worker logs.

  • actor_id – Id of the actor if getting logs from an actor.

  • timeout – Max timeout for requests made when getting the logs.

  • _interval – The interval in secs to print new logs when follow=True.


A dictionary where the keys are log groups (e.g. gcs, raylet, worker), and values are list of log filenames.


ExceptionsRayStateApiException if the CLI failed to query the data, or ConnectionError if failed to resolve the ray address.

DeveloperAPI: This API may change across minor Ray releases.