Source code for ray.air.integrations.comet

import os
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Dict, List

import pyarrow.fs

from ray.tune.experiment import Trial
from ray.tune.logger import LoggerCallback
from ray.tune.utils import flatten_dict

def _import_comet():
    """Try importing comet_ml.

    Used to check if comet_ml is installed and, otherwise, pass an informative
    error message.
    if "COMET_DISABLE_AUTO_LOGGING" not in os.environ:
        os.environ["COMET_DISABLE_AUTO_LOGGING"] = "1"

        import comet_ml  # noqa: F401
    except ImportError:
        raise RuntimeError("pip install 'comet-ml' to use CometLoggerCallback")

    return comet_ml

[docs]class CometLoggerCallback(LoggerCallback): """CometLoggerCallback for logging Tune results to Comet. Comet ( is a tool to manage and optimize the entire ML lifecycle, from experiment tracking, model optimization and dataset versioning to model production monitoring. This Ray Tune ``LoggerCallback`` sends metrics and parameters to Comet for tracking. In order to use the CometLoggerCallback you must first install Comet via ``pip install comet_ml`` Then set the following environment variables ``export COMET_API_KEY=<Your API Key>`` Alternatively, you can also pass in your API Key as an argument to the CometLoggerCallback constructor. ``CometLoggerCallback(api_key=<Your API Key>)`` Args: online: Whether to make use of an Online or Offline Experiment. Defaults to True. tags: Tags to add to the logged Experiment. Defaults to None. save_checkpoints: If ``True``, model checkpoints will be saved to Comet ML as artifacts. Defaults to ``False``. **experiment_kwargs: Other keyword arguments will be passed to the constructor for comet_ml.Experiment (or OfflineExperiment if online=False). Please consult the Comet ML documentation for more information on the Experiment and OfflineExperiment classes: Example: .. code-block:: python from ray.air.integrations.comet import CometLoggerCallback train, config=config callbacks=[CometLoggerCallback( True, ['tag1', 'tag2'], workspace='my_workspace', project_name='my_project_name' )] ) """ # Do not enable these auto log options unless overridden _exclude_autolog = [ "auto_output_logging", "log_git_metadata", "log_git_patch", "log_env_cpu", "log_env_gpu", ] # Do not log these metrics. _exclude_results = ["done", "should_checkpoint"] # These values should be logged as system info instead of metrics. _system_results = ["node_ip", "hostname", "pid", "date"] # These values should be logged as "Other" instead of as metrics. _other_results = ["trial_id", "experiment_id", "experiment_tag"] _episode_results = ["hist_stats/episode_reward", "hist_stats/episode_lengths"] def __init__( self, online: bool = True, tags: List[str] = None, save_checkpoints: bool = False, **experiment_kwargs, ): _import_comet() = online self.tags = tags self.save_checkpoints = save_checkpoints self.experiment_kwargs = experiment_kwargs # Disable the specific autologging features that cause throttling. self._configure_experiment_defaults() # Mapping from trial to experiment object. self._trial_experiments = {} self._to_exclude = self._exclude_results.copy() self._to_system = self._system_results.copy() self._to_other = self._other_results.copy() self._to_episodes = self._episode_results.copy() def _configure_experiment_defaults(self): """Disable the specific autologging features that cause throttling.""" for option in self._exclude_autolog: if not self.experiment_kwargs.get(option): self.experiment_kwargs[option] = False def _check_key_name(self, key: str, item: str) -> bool: """ Check if key argument is equal to item argument or starts with item and a forward slash. Used for parsing trial result dictionary into ignored keys, system metrics, episode logs, etc. """ return key.startswith(item + "/") or key == item
[docs] def log_trial_start(self, trial: "Trial"): """ Initialize an Experiment (or OfflineExperiment if and start logging to Comet. Args: trial: Trial object. """ _import_comet() # is this necessary? from comet_ml import Experiment, OfflineExperiment from comet_ml.config import set_global_experiment if trial not in self._trial_experiments: experiment_cls = Experiment if else OfflineExperiment experiment = experiment_cls(**self.experiment_kwargs) self._trial_experiments[trial] = experiment # Set global experiment to None to allow for multiple experiments. set_global_experiment(None) else: experiment = self._trial_experiments[trial] experiment.set_name(str(trial)) experiment.add_tags(self.tags) experiment.log_other("Created from", "Ray") config = trial.config.copy() config.pop("callbacks", None) experiment.log_parameters(config)
[docs] def log_trial_result(self, iteration: int, trial: "Trial", result: Dict): """ Log the current result of a Trial upon each iteration. """ if trial not in self._trial_experiments: self.log_trial_start(trial) experiment = self._trial_experiments[trial] step = result["training_iteration"] config_update = result.pop("config", {}).copy() config_update.pop("callbacks", None) # Remove callbacks for k, v in config_update.items(): if isinstance(v, dict): experiment.log_parameters(flatten_dict({k: v}, "/"), step=step) else: experiment.log_parameter(k, v, step=step) other_logs = {} metric_logs = {} system_logs = {} episode_logs = {} flat_result = flatten_dict(result, delimiter="/") for k, v in flat_result.items(): if any(self._check_key_name(k, item) for item in self._to_exclude): continue if any(self._check_key_name(k, item) for item in self._to_other): other_logs[k] = v elif any(self._check_key_name(k, item) for item in self._to_system): system_logs[k] = v elif any(self._check_key_name(k, item) for item in self._to_episodes): episode_logs[k] = v else: metric_logs[k] = v experiment.log_others(other_logs) experiment.log_metrics(metric_logs, step=step) for k, v in system_logs.items(): experiment.log_system_info(k, v) for k, v in episode_logs.items(): experiment.log_curve(k, x=range(len(v)), y=v, step=step)
def log_trial_save(self, trial: "Trial"): comet_ml = _import_comet() if self.save_checkpoints and trial.checkpoint: experiment = self._trial_experiments[trial] artifact = comet_ml.Artifact( name=f"checkpoint_{(str(trial))}", artifact_type="model" ) checkpoint_root = None if isinstance(trial.checkpoint.filesystem, pyarrow.fs.LocalFileSystem): checkpoint_root = trial.checkpoint.path # Todo: For other filesystems, we may want to use # artifact.add_remote() instead. However, this requires a full # URI. We can add this once we have a way to retrieve it. # Walk through checkpoint directory and add all files to artifact if checkpoint_root: for root, dirs, files in os.walk(checkpoint_root): rel_root = os.path.relpath(root, checkpoint_root) for file in files: local_file = Path(checkpoint_root, rel_root, file).as_posix() logical_path = Path(rel_root, file).as_posix() # Strip leading `./` if logical_path.startswith("./"): logical_path = logical_path[2:] artifact.add(local_file, logical_path=logical_path) experiment.log_artifact(artifact) def log_trial_end(self, trial: "Trial", failed: bool = False): self._trial_experiments[trial].end() del self._trial_experiments[trial] def __del__(self): for trial, experiment in self._trial_experiments.items(): experiment.end() self._trial_experiments = {}