Ray Workflows: Durable Ray Task Graphs#


Ray Workflows is available as alpha in Ray 2.0+. Expect rough corners and for its APIs and storage format to change. Please file feature requests and bug reports on GitHub Issues or join the discussion on the Ray Slack.

Ray Workflows implements high-performance, durable application workflows using Ray tasks as the underlying execution engine. It enables task-based Ray jobs to seamlessly resume execution even in the case of entire-cluster failure.

Why Ray Workflows?#

Flexibility: Combine the flexibility of Ray’s dynamic task graphs with strong durability guarantees. Branch or loop conditionally based on runtime data. Use Ray distributed libraries seamlessly within workflow tasks.

Performance: Ray Workflows offers sub-second overheads for task launch and supports workflows with hundreds of thousands of tasks. Take advantage of the Ray object store to pass distributed datasets between tasks with zero-copy overhead.

You might find that Ray Workflows is lower level compared to engines such as AirFlow (which can also run on Ray). This is because Ray Workflows focuses more on core durability primitives as opposed to tools and integrations.