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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Callable, Optional, Union

from import AggType, Block, BlockAccessor, KeyType, T, U
from ray.util.annotations import PublicAPI

    import pyarrow as pa

[docs]@PublicAPI class AggregateFn: """Defines an aggregate function in the accumulator style. Aggregates a collection of inputs of type T into a single output value of type U. See for more details about accumulator-based aggregation. Args: init: This is called once for each group to return the empty accumulator. For example, an empty accumulator for a sum would be 0. merge: This may be called multiple times, each time to merge two accumulators into one. name: The name of the aggregation. This will be used as the column name in the output Dataset. accumulate_row: This is called once per row of the same group. This combines the accumulator and the row, returns the updated accumulator. Exactly one of accumulate_row and accumulate_block must be provided. accumulate_block: This is used to calculate the aggregation for a single block, and is vectorized alternative to accumulate_row. This will be given a base accumulator and the entire block, allowing for vectorized accumulation of the block. Exactly one of accumulate_row and accumulate_block must be provided. finalize: This is called once to compute the final aggregation result from the fully merged accumulator. """ def __init__( self, init: Callable[[KeyType], AggType], merge: Callable[[AggType, AggType], AggType], name: str, accumulate_row: Callable[[AggType, T], AggType] = None, accumulate_block: Callable[[AggType, Block], AggType] = None, finalize: Optional[Callable[[AggType], U]] = None, ): if (accumulate_row is None and accumulate_block is None) or ( accumulate_row is not None and accumulate_block is not None ): raise ValueError( "Exactly one of accumulate_row or accumulate_block must be provided." ) if accumulate_block is None: def accumulate_block(a: AggType, block: Block) -> AggType: block_acc = BlockAccessor.for_block(block) for r in block_acc.iter_rows(public_row_format=False): a = accumulate_row(a, r) return a if not isinstance(name, str): raise TypeError("`name` must be provided.") if finalize is None: finalize = lambda a: a # noqa: E731 self.init = init self.merge = merge = name self.accumulate_block = accumulate_block self.finalize = finalize def _validate(self, schema: Optional[Union[type, "pa.lib.Schema"]]) -> None: """Raise an error if this cannot be applied to the given schema.""" pass