Source code for ray.cross_language

from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function

from ray import Language
from ray._raylet import JavaFunctionDescriptor

__all__ = [

def format_args(worker, args, kwargs):
    """Format args for various languages.

        worker: The global worker instance.
        args: The arguments for cross language.
        kwargs: The keyword arguments for cross language.

        List of args and kwargs (if supported).
    if not worker.load_code_from_local:
        raise ValueError("Cross language feature needs "
                         "--load-code-from-local to be set.")
    if kwargs:
        raise TypeError("Cross language remote functions "
                        "does not support kwargs.")
    return args

def get_function_descriptor_for_actor_method(
        language, actor_creation_function_descriptor, method_name):
    """Get function descriptor for cross language actor method call.

        language: Target language.
            The function signature for actor creation.
        method_name: The name of actor method.

        Function descriptor for cross language actor method call.
    if language == Language.JAVA:
        return JavaFunctionDescriptor(
            # Currently not support call actor method with signature.
        raise NotImplementedError("Cross language remote actor method "
                                  f"not support language {language}")

[docs]def java_function(class_name, function_name): """Define a Java function. Args: class_name (str): Java class name. function_name (str): Java function name. """ from ray.remote_function import RemoteFunction return RemoteFunction( Language.JAVA, lambda *args, **kwargs: None, JavaFunctionDescriptor(class_name, function_name, ""), None, # num_cpus, None, # num_gpus, None, # memory, None, # object_store_memory, None, # resources, None, # accelerator_type, None, # num_returns, None, # max_calls, None, # max_retries placement_group=None, # TODO(ekl) set default to -1 once we support -1 as "any index" placement_group_bundle_index=0, placement_group_capture_child_tasks=None)
[docs]def java_actor_class(class_name): """Define a Java actor class. Args: class_name (str): Java class name. """ from import ActorClass return ActorClass._ray_from_function_descriptor( Language.JAVA, JavaFunctionDescriptor(class_name, "<init>", ""), max_restarts=0, max_task_retries=0, num_cpus=None, num_gpus=None, memory=None, object_store_memory=None, resources=None, accelerator_type=None, )