ray.workflow.get_output(workflow_id: str, *, task_id: str | None = None) Any[source]#

Get the output of a running workflow.

  • workflow_id – The workflow to get the output of.

  • task_id – If set, fetch the specific task instead of the output of the workflow.


from ray import workflow

def start_trip():
    return 1

trip = start_trip.options(**workflow.options(task_id="trip")).bind()
res1 = workflow.run_async(trip, workflow_id="trip1")
# you could "get_output()" in another machine
res2 = workflow.get_output("trip1")
assert ray.get(res1) == res2
task_output = workflow.get_output_async("trip1", task_id="trip")
assert ray.get(task_output) == ray.get(res1)

The output of the workflow task.

PublicAPI (alpha): This API is in alpha and may change before becoming stable.