Tune Experiment Results (tune.ResultGrid)#

ResultGrid (tune.ResultGrid)#


A set of Result objects for interacting with Ray Tune results.

get_best_result([metric, mode, scope, ...])

Get the best result from all the trials run.

get_dataframe([filter_metric, filter_mode])

Return dataframe of all trials with their configs and reported results.

Result (air.Result)#

Result(metrics, checkpoint, error[, ...])

The final result of a ML training run or a Tune trial.

ExperimentAnalysis (tune.ExperimentAnalysis)#


An ExperimentAnalysis is the output of the tune.run API. It’s now recommended to use Tuner.fit, which outputs a ResultGrid object.

ExperimentAnalysis(experiment_checkpoint_path, *)

Analyze results from a Ray Train/Tune experiment.