class ray.train.horovod.HorovodConfig(nics: Optional[Set[str]] = None, verbose: int = 1, key: Optional[str] = None, ssh_port: Optional[int] = None, ssh_identity_file: Optional[str] = None, ssh_str: Optional[str] = None, timeout_s: int = 300, placement_group_timeout_s: int = 100)[source]#

Bases: ray.train.backend.BackendConfig

Configurations for Horovod setup.

See https://github.com/horovod/horovod/blob/master/horovod/runner/common/util/settings.py # noqa: E501

  • nics (Optional[Set[str]) – Network interfaces that can be used for communication.

  • verbose – Horovod logging verbosity.

  • key (Optional[str]) – Secret used for communication between workers.

  • ssh_port (Optional[int]) – Port for SSH server running on worker nodes.

  • ssh_identity_file (Optional[str]) – Path to the identity file to ssh into different hosts on the cluster.

  • ssh_str (Optional[str]) – CAUTION WHEN USING THIS. Private key file contents. Writes the private key to ssh_identity_file.

  • timeout_s – Timeout parameter for Gloo rendezvous.

  • placement_group_timeout_s – Timeout parameter for Ray Placement Group creation. Currently unused.

PublicAPI (beta): This API is in beta and may change before becoming stable.