class ray.data.block.BlockMetadata(num_rows: Optional[int], size_bytes: Optional[int], schema: Optional[Union[type, pyarrow.lib.Schema]], input_files: Optional[List[str]], exec_stats: Optional[ray.data.block.BlockExecStats])[source]#

Bases: object

Metadata about the block.

DeveloperAPI: This API may change across minor Ray releases.

num_rows: Optional[int]#

The number of rows contained in this block, or None.

size_bytes: Optional[int]#

The approximate size in bytes of this block, or None.

schema: Optional[Union[type, pyarrow.lib.Schema]]#

The pyarrow schema or types of the block elements, or None.

input_files: Optional[List[str]]#

The list of file paths used to generate this block, or the empty list if indeterminate.

exec_stats: Optional[ray.data.block.BlockExecStats]#

Execution stats for this block.