Dataset.stats() str[source]#

Returns a string containing execution timing information.


This operation will trigger execution of the lazy transformations performed on this dataset.

Note that this does not trigger execution, so if the dataset has not yet executed, an empty string is returned.


import ray

ds = ray.data.range(10)
assert ds.stats() == ""

ds = ds.materialize()
Stage 0 Read: 20/20 blocks executed in 0.3s
* Remote wall time: 16.29us min, 7.29ms max, 1.21ms mean, 24.17ms total
* Remote cpu time: 16.0us min, 2.54ms max, 810.45us mean, 16.21ms total
* Peak heap memory usage (MiB): 137968.75 min, 142734.38 max, 139846 mean
* Output num rows: 0 min, 1 max, 0 mean, 10 total
* Output size bytes: 0 min, 8 max, 4 mean, 80 total
* Tasks per node: 20 min, 20 max, 20 mean; 1 nodes used