Source code for ray.train._internal.data_config

import copy
from typing import Dict, List, Literal, Optional, Union

import ray
from import ActorHandle
from import DataIterator, Dataset, ExecutionOptions, NodeIdStr
from import ExecutionResources
from ray.util.annotations import DeveloperAPI, PublicAPI

class DataConfig:
    """Class responsible for configuring Train dataset preprocessing.

    For advanced use cases, this class can be subclassed and the `configure()` method
    overriden for custom data preprocessing.

[docs] def __init__( self, datasets_to_split: Union[Literal["all"], List[str]] = "all", execution_options: Optional[ExecutionOptions] = None, ): """Construct a DataConfig. Args: datasets_to_split: Specifies which datasets should be split among workers. Can be set to "all" or a list of dataset names. Defaults to "all", i.e. split all datasets. execution_options: The execution options to pass to Ray Data. By default, the options will be optimized for data ingest. When overriding this, base your options off of `DataConfig.default_ingest_options()`. """ if isinstance(datasets_to_split, list) or datasets_to_split == "all": self._datasets_to_split = datasets_to_split else: raise TypeError( "`datasets_to_split` should be a 'all' or a list of strings of " "dataset names. Received " f"{type(datasets_to_split).__name__} with value {datasets_to_split}." ) self._execution_options: ExecutionOptions = ( execution_options or DataConfig.default_ingest_options() ) self._num_train_cpus = 0.0 self._num_train_gpus = 0.0
[docs] def set_train_total_resources(self, num_train_cpus: float, num_train_gpus: float): """Set the total number of CPUs and GPUs used by training. If CPU or GPU resource limits are not set, they will be set to the total cluster resources minus the resources used by training. """ # TODO: We may also include other resources besides CPU and GPU. self._num_train_cpus = num_train_cpus self._num_train_gpus = num_train_gpus
[docs] @DeveloperAPI def configure( self, datasets: Dict[str, Dataset], world_size: int, worker_handles: Optional[List[ActorHandle]], worker_node_ids: Optional[List[NodeIdStr]], **kwargs, ) -> List[Dict[str, DataIterator]]: """Configure how Train datasets should be assigned to workers. Args: datasets: The datasets dict passed to Train by the user. world_size: The number of Train workers in total. worker_handles: The actor handles of the Train workers. worker_node_ids: The node ids of the Train workers. kwargs: Forwards compatibility placeholder. Returns: A list of dataset splits for each worker. The size of the list must be equal to `world_size`. Each element of the list contains the assigned `DataIterator` instances by name for the worker. """ output = [{} for _ in range(world_size)] if self._datasets_to_split == "all": datasets_to_split = set(datasets.keys()) else: datasets_to_split = set(self._datasets_to_split) locality_hints = ( worker_node_ids if self._execution_options.locality_with_output else None ) for name, ds in datasets.items(): execution_options = copy.deepcopy(self._execution_options) if execution_options.is_resource_limits_default(): # If "resource_limits" is not overriden by the user, # add training-reserved resources to Data's exclude_resources. execution_options.exclude_resources = ( execution_options.exclude_resources.add( ExecutionResources( cpu=self._num_train_cpus, gpu=self._num_train_gpus ) ) ) ds = ds.copy(ds) ds.context.execution_options = execution_options if name in datasets_to_split: for i, split in enumerate( ds.streaming_split( world_size, equal=True, locality_hints=locality_hints ) ): output[i][name] = split else: for i in range(world_size): output[i][name] = ds.iterator() return output
[docs] @staticmethod def default_ingest_options() -> ExecutionOptions: """The default Ray Data options used for data ingest. By default, configurations are carried over from what is already set in DataContext. """ ctx = return ExecutionOptions( # TODO(hchen): Re-enable `locality_with_output` by default after fixing # locality_with_output=ctx.execution_options.locality_with_output, resource_limits=ctx.execution_options.resource_limits, exclude_resources=ctx.execution_options.exclude_resources, preserve_order=ctx.execution_options.preserve_order, verbose_progress=ctx.execution_options.verbose_progress, )