Source code for ray.tune.integration.docker

import os
from typing import Optional, Tuple

from ray import services
from ray.autoscaler.sdk import rsync, configure_logging
from ray.tune.syncer import NodeSyncer
from ray.tune.sync_client import SyncClient
from ray.tune.utils import env_integer

[docs]class DockerSyncer(NodeSyncer): """DockerSyncer used for synchronization between Docker containers. This syncer extends the node syncer, but is usually instantiated without a custom sync client. The sync client defaults to ``DockerSyncClient`` instead. Set the env var `TUNE_SYNCER_VERBOSITY` to increase verbosity of syncing operations (0, 1, 2, 3). Defaults to 0. .. note:: This syncer only works with the Ray cluster launcher. If you use your own Docker setup, make sure the nodes can connect to each other via SSH, and try the regular SSH-based syncer instead. Example: .. code-block:: python from ray.tune.integration.docker import DockerSyncer, sync_config=tune.SyncConfig( sync_to_driver=DockerSyncer)) """ _cluster_config_file = os.path.expanduser("~/ray_bootstrap_config.yaml") def __init__(self, local_dir: str, remote_dir: str, sync_client: Optional[SyncClient] = None): configure_logging( log_style="record", verbosity=env_integer("TUNE_SYNCER_VERBOSITY", 0)) self.local_ip = services.get_node_ip_address() self.worker_ip = None sync_client = sync_client or DockerSyncClient() sync_client.configure(self._cluster_config_file) super(NodeSyncer, self).__init__(local_dir, remote_dir, sync_client) def set_worker_ip(self, worker_ip: str): self.worker_ip = worker_ip @property def _remote_path(self) -> Tuple[str, str]: return (self.worker_ip, self._remote_dir)
class DockerSyncClient(SyncClient): """DockerSyncClient to be used by DockerSyncer. This client takes care of executing the synchronization commands for Docker nodes. In its ``sync_down`` and ``sync_up`` commands, it expects tuples for the source and target, respectively, for compatibility with docker. """ def __init__(self): self._command_runners = {} self._cluster_config = None def configure(self, cluster_config_file: str): self._cluster_config_file = cluster_config_file def sync_up(self, source: str, target: Tuple[str, str]) -> bool: """Here target is a tuple (target_node, target_dir)""" target_node, target_dir = target # Add trailing slashes for rsync source = os.path.join(source, "") target_dir = os.path.join(target_dir, "") rsync( cluster_config=self._cluster_config_file, source=source, target=target_dir, down=False, ip_address=target_node, use_internal_ip=True) return True def sync_down(self, source: Tuple[str, str], target: str) -> bool: """Here source is a tuple (source_node, source_dir)""" source_node, source_dir = source # Add trailing slashes for rsync source_dir = os.path.join(source_dir, "") target = os.path.join(target, "") rsync( cluster_config=self._cluster_config_file, source=source_dir, target=target, down=True, ip_address=source_node, use_internal_ip=True) return True def delete(self, target: str) -> bool: raise NotImplementedError