Mars on Ray

Mars is a tensor-based unified framework for large-scale data computation which scales Numpy, Pandas and Scikit-learn. Mars on Ray makes it easy to scale your programs with a Ray cluster.


This API is experimental in Mars. If you encounter any bugs, please file an issue on GitHub.


You can simply install Mars via pip:

pip install pymars>=0.6.0a1

Getting started

It’s easy to run Mars jobs on a Ray cluster. Use from mars.session import new_session and run new_session(backend='ray').as_default(); this will create a Mars session for Ray as the default session, and then all Mars tasks will be submitted to Ray. Arguments will be passed to ray.init() when creating a Mars session like this: new_session(backend='ray', address=<address>, num_cpus=<num_cpus>).

from mars.session import new_session
ray_session = new_session(backend='ray').as_default()

import mars.dataframe as md
import mars.tensor as mt

t = mt.random.rand(100, 4, chunk_size=30)
df = md.DataFrame(t, columns=list('abcd'))


Mars remote API is not available for now.