News Reader

This document shows how to implement a simple news reader using Ray. The reader consists of a simple Vue.js frontend and a backend consisting of a Flask server and a Ray actor. View the code for this example.

To run this example, you will need to install NPM and a few python dependencies.

pip install atoma
pip install flask

To use this example you need to

  • In the ray/doc/examples/newsreader directory, start the server with python

  • Clone the client code with git clone

  • Start the client with cd qreader;  npm install; npm run dev

  • You can now add a channel by clicking “Add channel” and for example pasting into the field.

  • Star some of the articles and dump the database by running sqlite3 newsreader.db in a terminal in the ray/doc/examples/newsreader directory and entering SELECT * FROM news;.