Installation Troubleshooting

Trouble installing Arrow

Some candidate possibilities.

You have a different version of Flatbuffers installed

Arrow pulls and builds its own copy of Flatbuffers, but if you already have Flatbuffers installed, Arrow may find the wrong version. If a directory like /usr/local/include/flatbuffers shows up in the output, this may be the problem. To solve it, get rid of the old version of flatbuffers.

There is some problem with Boost

If a message like Unable to find the requested Boost libraries appears when installing Arrow, there may be a problem with Boost. This can happen if you installed Boost using MacPorts. This is sometimes solved by using Brew instead.

Trouble installing or running Ray

One of the Ray libraries is compiled against the wrong version of Python

If there is a segfault or a sigabort immediately upon importing Ray, one of the components may have been compiled against the wrong Python libraries. Bazel should normally find the right version of Python, but this process is not completely reliable. In this case, check the Bazel output from installation and make sure that the version of the Python libraries that were found match the version of Python that you’re using.

Note that it’s common to have multiple versions of Python on your machine (for example both Python 2 and Python 3). Ray will be compiled against whichever version of Python is found when you run the python command from the command line, so make sure this is the version you wish to use.