Source code for ray.train.tensorflow

import json
import logging
import os
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import List

import ray
from ray.train.backend import BackendConfig, Backend
from ray.train.session import shutdown_session
from ray.train.utils import get_address_and_port
from ray.train.worker_group import WorkerGroup
from ray.util import PublicAPI

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@PublicAPI(stability="beta") @dataclass class TensorflowConfig(BackendConfig): @property def backend_cls(self): return TensorflowBackend
def setup_tensorflow_environment(worker_addresses: List[str], index: int): """Set up distributed Tensorflow training information. This function should be called on each worker. Args: worker_addresses (list): Addresses of all the workers. index (int): Index (i.e. world rank) of the current worker. """ tf_config = { "cluster": { "worker": worker_addresses }, "task": { "type": "worker", "index": index } } os.environ["TF_CONFIG"] = json.dumps(tf_config) class TensorflowBackend(Backend): def on_start(self, worker_group: WorkerGroup, backend_config: TensorflowConfig): # Compute URL for initializing distributed setup. def get_url(): address, port = get_address_and_port() return f"{address}:{port}" urls = worker_group.execute(get_url) # Get setup tasks in order to throw errors on failure. setup_futures = [] for i in range(len(worker_group)): setup_futures.append( worker_group.execute_single_async( i, setup_tensorflow_environment, worker_addresses=urls, index=i)) ray.get(setup_futures) def handle_failure(self, worker_group: WorkerGroup, failed_worker_indexes: List[int], backend_config: BackendConfig): """Failure handling for Tensorflow. Instead of restarting all workers, the failed workers are removed from the ``WorkerGroup``. The backend and session are shutdown on the remaining workers. Then new workers are added back in. """ worker_group.remove_workers(failed_worker_indexes) if len(worker_group) > 0: self.on_shutdown(worker_group, backend_config) worker_group.execute(shutdown_session) worker_group.add_workers(len(failed_worker_indexes)) self.on_start(worker_group, backend_config)