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from ray.rllib.models.model import Model
from import normc_initializer
from ray.rllib.utils.annotations import override
from ray.rllib.utils.deprecation import deprecation_warning
from ray.rllib.utils.framework import get_activation_fn, try_import_tf

tf1, tf, tfv = try_import_tf()

# Deprecated: see as an alternative models/
[docs]class FullyConnectedNetwork(Model): """Generic fully connected network.""" @override(Model) def _build_layers(self, inputs, num_outputs, options): """Process the flattened inputs. Note that dict inputs will be flattened into a vector. To define a model that processes the components separately, use _build_layers_v2(). """ # Soft deprecate this class. All Models should use the ModelV2 # API from here on. deprecation_warning( "Model->FullyConnectedNetwork", "ModelV2->FullyConnectedNetwork", error=False) hiddens = options.get("fcnet_hiddens") activation = get_activation_fn(options.get("fcnet_activation")) if len(inputs.shape) > 2: inputs = tf1.layers.flatten(inputs) with tf1.name_scope("fc_net"): i = 1 last_layer = inputs for size in hiddens: # skip final linear layer if options.get("no_final_linear") and i == len(hiddens): output = tf1.layers.dense( last_layer, num_outputs, kernel_initializer=normc_initializer(1.0), activation=activation, name="fc_out") return output, output label = "fc{}".format(i) last_layer = tf1.layers.dense( last_layer, size, kernel_initializer=normc_initializer(1.0), activation=activation, name=label) i += 1 output = tf1.layers.dense( last_layer, num_outputs, kernel_initializer=normc_initializer(0.01), activation=None, name="fc_out") return output, last_layer