Source code for ray.experimental.placement_group

import ray
from typing import (List, Dict)

[docs]def placement_group(bundles: List[Dict[str, float]], strategy: str = "PACK", name: str = "unnamed_group"): """ Create a placement group. This method is the api to create placement group. Args: bundles: A list of bundles which represent the resources needed. strategy: The strategy to create the placement group. There are two build-in strategies for the time begin. PACK: Packs Bundles close together inside processes or nodes as tight as possible. SPREAD: Places Bundles across distinct nodes or processes as even as possible. name: The name of the placement group. """ worker = ray.worker.global_worker worker.check_connected() if not isinstance(bundles, list): raise ValueError( "The type of bundles must be list, got {}".format(bundles)) placement_group_id = worker.core_worker.create_placement_group( name, bundles, strategy) return placement_group_id