Source code for ray.experimental.dynamic_resources

import ray

[docs]def set_resource(resource_name, capacity, client_id=None): """ Set a resource to a specified capacity. This creates, updates or deletes a custom resource for a target NodeID. If the resource already exists, it's capacity is updated to the new value. If the capacity is set to 0, the resource is deleted. If NodeID is not specified or set to None, the resource is created on the local client where the actor is running. Args: resource_name (str): Name of the resource to be created capacity (int): Capacity of the new resource. Resource is deleted if capacity is 0. client_id (str): The NodeID of the node where the resource is to be set. Returns: None Raises: ValueError: This exception is raised when a non-negative capacity is specified. """ if client_id is not None: client_id_obj = ray.NodeID(ray.utils.hex_to_binary(client_id)) else: client_id_obj = ray.NodeID.nil() if (capacity < 0) or (capacity != int(capacity)): raise ValueError( "Capacity {} must be a non-negative integer.".format(capacity)) return ray.worker.global_worker.core_worker.set_resource( resource_name, capacity, client_id_obj)