WorkerSet.foreach_worker(func: Callable[[ray.rllib.evaluation.rollout_worker.RolloutWorker], ray.rllib.evaluation.worker_set.T], *, local_worker=True, healthy_only=False, remote_worker_ids: Optional[List[int]] = None, timeout_seconds: Optional[int] = None, return_obj_refs: bool = False, mark_healthy: bool = False) List[ray.rllib.evaluation.worker_set.T][source]#

Calls the given function with each worker instance as the argument.

  • func – The function to call for each worker (as only arg).

  • local_worker – Whether apply func on local worker too. Default is True.

  • healthy_only – Apply func on known active workers only. By default this will apply func on all workers regardless of their states.

  • remote_worker_ids – Apply func on a selected set of remote workers.

  • timeout_seconds – Time to wait for results. Default is None.

  • return_obj_refs – whether to return ObjectRef instead of actual results. Note, for fault tolerance reasons, these returned ObjectRefs should never be resolved with ray.get() outside of this WorkerSet.

  • mark_healthy – Whether to mark the worker as healthy based on call results.


The list of return values of all calls to func([worker]).