Getting Help#

Ray Community#

If you stuck on a problem, there are several ways to ask the Ray community.



Estimated Response Time

Support Level

Discourse Forum

For discussions about development and questions about usage.

< 1 day


GitHub Issues

For reporting bugs and filing feature requests.

< 2 days

Ray OSS Team


For collaborating with other Ray users.

< 2 days



For asking questions about how to use Ray.

3-5 days


Discourse Forum#

Discourse Forum is the primary place to ask questions, where the Ray committers, contributors, and other Ray users answer questions. Someone from the community may have already answered your question, so before you ask a new question, please make sure to search them. The Ray contributors monitor the forum daily and expect to respond within a day.

Bugs or Feature Requests#

Sometimes, the question or problem you have turns out to be a real bug or requires an enhancement request. In this case, file a new issue to the GitHub Issues page. Ray contributors will triage and address them accordingly.


You can also ask questions to StackOverflow with a Ray tag. On StackOverflow, we strive to respond to questions within 3~5 days.


Many Ray users hang out on Ray Slack (the invitation is open to everyone). You can join the slack and directly communicate to other Ray users or contributors. For asking questions, we recommend using the discourse forum or StackOverflow for future searchability.