class ray.experimental.state.common.PlacementGroupState(placement_group_id: str, name: str, creator_job_id: str, state: typing_extensions.Literal[PENDING, CREATED, REMOVED, RESCHEDULING], bundles: dict, is_detached: bool, stats: dict)[source]#

Bases: ray.experimental.state.common.StateSchema

PlacementGroup State

Below columns can be used for the --filter option.






Below columns are available only when get API is used,

--detail is specified through CLI, or detail=True is given to Python APIs.




placement_group_id: str#

The id of the placement group.

name: str#

The name of the placement group if it is given by the name argument.

creator_job_id: str#

The job id of the placement group.

state: typing_extensions.Literal[PENDING, CREATED, REMOVED, RESCHEDULING]#

The state of the placement group.

  • PENDING: The placement group creation is pending scheduling. It could be because there’s not enough resources, some of creation stage has failed (e.g., failed to commit placement gropus because the node is dead).

  • CREATED: The placement group is created.

  • REMOVED: The placement group is removed.

  • RESCHEDULING: The placement group is rescheduling because some of bundles are dead because they were on dead nodes.

bundles: dict#

The bundle specification of the placement group.

is_detached: bool#

True if the placement group is detached. False otherwise.

stats: dict#

The scheduling stats of the placement group.