ray.experimental.state.api.list_nodes(address: Optional[str] = None, filters: Optional[List[Tuple[str, str, Union[str, bool, int, float]]]] = None, limit: int = 100, timeout: int = 30, detail: bool = False, raise_on_missing_output: bool = True, _explain: bool = False) List[Dict][source]#

List nodes in the cluster.

  • address – Ray bootstrap address, could be auto, localhost:6379. If None, it will be resolved automatically from an initialized ray.

  • filters – List of tuples of filter key, predicate (=, or !=), and the filter value. E.g., ("node_name", "=", "abcd")

  • limit – Max number of entries returned by the state backend.

  • timeout – Max timeout value for the state APIs requests made.

  • detail – When True, more details info (specified in NodeState) will be queried and returned. See NodeState.

  • raise_on_missing_output – When True, exceptions will be raised if there is missing data due to truncation/data source unavailable.

  • _explain – Print the API information such as API latency or failed query information.


List of dictionarified NodeState.


ExceptionsRayStateApiException if the CLI failed to query the data.