Datasource.do_write(blocks: List[ray.types.ObjectRef[Union[pyarrow.Table, pandas.DataFrame]]], metadata: List[ray.data.block.BlockMetadata], ray_remote_args: Dict[str, Any], **write_args) List[ray.types.ObjectRef[Any]][source]#

Launch Ray tasks for writing blocks out to the datasource.

  • blocks – List of data block references. It is recommended that one write task be generated per block.

  • metadata – List of block metadata.

  • ray_remote_args – Kwargs passed to ray.remote in the write tasks.

  • write_args – Additional kwargs to pass to the datasource impl.


A list of the output of the write tasks.


DEPRECATED: This API is deprecated and may be removed in future Ray releases. do_write() is deprecated in Ray 2.4. Use write() instead