We’re hiring!

Anyscale Inc., the company behind Ray, is hiring interns and full-time software engineers to help advance and maintain Ray autoscaler, cluster launcher, cloud providers, the Kubernetes operator, and Ray Client. If you have a background in distributed computing/cluster orchestration/Kubernetes and are interested in making Ray the industry-leading open-source platform for distributed computing, apply here today. We’d be thrilled to welcome you on the team!

Deployment Guide

This section explains how to set up a distributed Ray cluster and run your workloads on it.

To set up your cluster, check out the Ray Cluster Overview, or jump to the Ray Cluster Quick Start.

To trigger a Ray workload from your local machine, a CI system, or a third-party job scheduler/orchestrator via a command line interface or API call, try Ray Job Submission.

To run an interactive Ray workload and see the output in real time in a client of your choice (e.g. your local machine, SageMaker Studio, or Google Colab), you can use Ray Client.