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Anyscale Inc., the company behind Ray, is hiring interns and full-time software engineers to help advance and maintain Ray autoscaler, cluster launcher, cloud providers, the Kubernetes operator, and Ray Client. If you have a background in distributed computing/cluster orchestration/Kubernetes and are interested in making Ray the industry-leading open-source platform for distributed computing, apply here today. We’d be thrilled to welcome you on the team!

AWS Configurations

Using Amazon EFS

To use Amazon EFS, install some utilities and mount the EFS in setup_commands. Note that these instructions only work if you are using the AWS Autoscaler.


You need to replace the {{FileSystemId}} to your own EFS ID before using the config. You may also need to set correct SecurityGroupIds for the instances in the config file.

    - sudo kill -9 `sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend | awk '{print $2}' | tail -n 1`;
        sudo pkill -9 apt-get;
        sudo pkill -9 dpkg;
        sudo dpkg --configure -a;
        sudo apt-get -y install binutils;
        cd $HOME;
        git clone https://github.com/aws/efs-utils;
        cd $HOME/efs-utils;
        sudo apt-get -y install ./build/amazon-efs-utils*deb;
        cd $HOME;
        mkdir efs;
        sudo mount -t efs {{FileSystemId}}:/ efs;
        sudo chmod 777 efs;

Configure worker nodes to access Amazon S3

In various scenarios, worker nodes may need write access to the S3 bucket. E.g. Ray Tune has the option that worker nodes write distributed checkpoints to S3 instead of syncing back to the driver using rsync.

If you see errors like “Unable to locate credentials”, make sure that the correct IamInstanceProfile is configured for worker nodes in cluster.yaml file. This may look like:

    InstanceType: m5.xlarge
    ImageId: latest_dlami

You can verify if the set up is correct by entering one worker node and do

aws configure list

You should see something like

      Name                    Value             Type    Location
      ----                    -----             ----    --------
   profile                <not set>             None    None
access_key     ****************XXXX         iam-role
secret_key     ****************YYYY         iam-role
    region                <not set>             None    None

Please refer to this discussion for more details.