News Reader

This example shows how to implement a simple news reader using Ray. The RSS feed reader app consists of a simple Vue.js frontend and a backend consisting of a Flask server and a Ray actor. View the code for this example.

To run this example, you will need to install NPM and a few python dependencies.

pip install atoma
pip install flask
pip install flask-cors

Navigate to the ray/doc/examples/newsreader directory and start the Flask server.


Clone the client code.

git clone

Start the client.

cd qreader;  npm install; npm run dev

Once the qreader is running, you can visit the dashboard which should open once its running. If it fails to open on its own, you can visit it at the url listed in the screen output.

You can now add a channel by clicking “Add channel”. For example, try pasting into the field.

Star some of the articles in the channel. Each time you star an article, you can see the Flask server responding in its terminal.

Now we will view our database. Navigate back to the ray/doc/examples/newsreader directory. Access the database by running sqlite3 newsreader.db in the terminal. This will start a sqlite session. View all the articles in the news table by running SELECT * FROM news;. For more details on commands in sqlite, you can run .help in the database.