Source code for ray.tune.suggest.zoopt

import copy
import logging
import ray.cloudpickle as pickle

    import zoopt
except ImportError:
    zoopt = None

from ray.tune.suggest import Searcher

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ZOOptSearch(Searcher): """A wrapper around ZOOpt to provide trial suggestions. ZOOptSearch is a library for derivative-free optimization. It is backed by the `ZOOpt <>`__ package. Currently, Asynchronous Sequential RAndomized COordinate Shrinking (ASRacos) is implemented in Tune. To use ZOOptSearch, install zoopt (>=0.4.0): ``pip install -U zoopt``. .. code-block:: python from ray.tune import run from ray.tune.suggest.zoopt import ZOOptSearch from zoopt import ValueType dim_dict = { "height": (ValueType.CONTINUOUS, [-10, 10], 1e-2), "width": (ValueType.DISCRETE, [-10, 10], False) } config = { "num_samples": 200, "config": { "iterations": 10, # evaluation times }, "stop": { "timesteps_total": 10 # cumstom stop rules } } zoopt_search = ZOOptSearch( algo="Asracos", # only support Asracos currently budget=config["num_samples"], dim_dict=dim_dict, metric="mean_loss", mode="min") run(my_objective, search_alg=zoopt_search, name="zoopt_search", **config) Parameters: algo (str): To specify an algorithm in zoopt you want to use. Only support ASRacos currently. budget (int): Number of samples. dim_dict (dict): Dimension dictionary. For continuous dimensions: (continuous, search_range, precision); For discrete dimensions: (discrete, search_range, has_order). More details can be found in zoopt package. metric (str): The training result objective value attribute. Defaults to "episode_reward_mean". mode (str): One of {min, max}. Determines whether objective is minimizing or maximizing the metric attribute. Defaults to "min". """ optimizer = None def __init__(self, algo="asracos", budget=None, dim_dict=None, metric="episode_reward_mean", mode="min", **kwargs): assert zoopt is not None, "Zoopt not found - please install zoopt." assert budget is not None, "`budget` should not be None!" assert dim_dict is not None, "`dim_list` should not be None!" assert mode in ["min", "max"], "`mode` must be 'min' or 'max'!" _algo = algo.lower() assert _algo in ["asracos", "sracos" ], "`algo` must be in ['asracos', 'sracos'] currently" self._metric = metric if mode == "max": self._metric_op = -1. elif mode == "min": self._metric_op = 1. self._live_trial_mapping = {} self._dim_keys = [] _dim_list = [] for k in dim_dict: self._dim_keys.append(k) _dim_list.append(dim_dict[k]) dim = zoopt.Dimension2(_dim_list) par = zoopt.Parameter(budget=budget) if _algo == "sracos" or _algo == "asracos": from zoopt.algos.opt_algorithms.racos.sracos import SRacosTune self.optimizer = SRacosTune(dimension=dim, parameter=par) self.solution_dict = {} self.best_solution_list = [] super(ZOOptSearch, self).__init__( metric=self._metric, mode=mode, **kwargs) def suggest(self, trial_id): _solution = self.optimizer.suggest() if _solution: self.solution_dict[str(trial_id)] = _solution _x = _solution.get_x() new_trial = dict(zip(self._dim_keys, _x)) self._live_trial_mapping[trial_id] = new_trial return copy.deepcopy(new_trial) def on_trial_complete(self, trial_id, result=None, error=False): """Notification for the completion of trial.""" if result: _solution = self.solution_dict[str(trial_id)] _best_solution_so_far = self.optimizer.complete( _solution, self._metric_op * result[self._metric]) if _best_solution_so_far: self.best_solution_list.append(_best_solution_so_far) del self._live_trial_mapping[trial_id] def save(self, checkpoint_dir): trials_object = self.optimizer with open(checkpoint_dir, "wb") as output: pickle.dump(trials_object, output) def restore(self, checkpoint_dir): with open(checkpoint_dir, "rb") as input: trials_object = pickle.load(input) self.optimizer = trials_object