Source code for ray.rllib.utils.filter_manager

import ray
from ray.rllib.utils.annotations import DeveloperAPI

[docs]@DeveloperAPI class FilterManager: """Manages filters and coordination across remote evaluators that expose `get_filters` and `sync_filters`. """
[docs] @staticmethod @DeveloperAPI def synchronize(local_filters, remotes, update_remote=True): """Aggregates all filters from remote evaluators. Local copy is updated and then broadcasted to all remote evaluators. Args: local_filters (dict): Filters to be synchronized. remotes (list): Remote evaluators with filters. update_remote (bool): Whether to push updates to remote filters. """ remote_filters = ray.get( [r.get_filters.remote(flush_after=True) for r in remotes]) for rf in remote_filters: for k in local_filters: local_filters[k].apply_changes(rf[k], with_buffer=False) if update_remote: copies = {k: v.as_serializable() for k, v in local_filters.items()} remote_copy = ray.put(copies) [r.sync_filters.remote(remote_copy) for r in remotes]