Source code for ray.rllib.utils.deprecation

import logging
from typing import Optional, Union

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# A constant to use for any configuration that should be deprecated
# (to check, whether this config has actually been assigned a proper value or
# not).

[docs]def deprecation_warning( old: str, new: Optional[str] = None, *, help: Optional[str] = None, error: Optional[Union[bool, Exception]] = None) -> None: """Warns (via the `logger` object) or throws a deprecation warning/error. Args: old (str): A description of the "thing" that is to be deprecated. new (Optional[str]): A description of the new "thing" that replaces it. help (Optional[str]): An optional help text to tell the user, what to do instead of using `old`. error (Optional[Union[bool, Exception]]): Whether or which exception to throw. If True, throw ValueError. If False, just warn. If Exception, throw that Exception. """ msg = "`{}` has been deprecated.{}".format( old, (" Use `{}` instead.".format(new) if new else f" {help}" if help else "")) if error is True: raise ValueError(msg) elif error and issubclass(error, Exception): raise error(msg) else: logger.warning("DeprecationWarning: " + msg + " This will raise an error in the future!")