Source code for ray.rllib.utils

from functools import partial

from ray.rllib.utils.annotations import override, PublicAPI, DeveloperAPI
from ray.rllib.utils.framework import try_import_tf, try_import_tfp, \
from ray.rllib.utils.deprecation import deprecation_warning
from ray.rllib.utils.filter_manager import FilterManager
from ray.rllib.utils.filter import Filter
from ray.rllib.utils.numpy import sigmoid, softmax, relu, one_hot, fc, lstm, \
from ray.rllib.utils.schedules import LinearSchedule, PiecewiseSchedule, \
    PolynomialSchedule, ExponentialSchedule, ConstantSchedule
from ray.rllib.utils.test_utils import check, check_compute_single_action, \
from ray.tune.utils import merge_dicts, deep_update

[docs]def add_mixins(base, mixins, reversed=False): """Returns a new class with mixins applied in priority order.""" mixins = list(mixins or []) while mixins: if reversed: class new_base(base, mixins.pop()): pass else: class new_base(mixins.pop(), base): pass base = new_base return base
[docs]def force_list(elements=None, to_tuple=False): """ Makes sure `elements` is returned as a list, whether `elements` is a single item, already a list, or a tuple. Args: elements (Optional[any]): The inputs as single item, list, or tuple to be converted into a list/tuple. If None, returns empty list/tuple. to_tuple (bool): Whether to use tuple (instead of list). Returns: Union[list,tuple]: All given elements in a list/tuple depending on `to_tuple`'s value. If elements is None, returns an empty list/tuple. """ ctor = list if to_tuple is True: ctor = tuple return ctor() if elements is None else ctor(elements) \ if type(elements) in [list, tuple] else ctor([elements])
class NullContextManager: """No-op context manager""" def __init__(self): pass def __enter__(self): pass def __exit__(self, *args): pass force_tuple = partial(force_list, to_tuple=True) __all__ = [ "add_mixins", "check", "check_compute_single_action", "deep_update", "deprecation_warning", "fc", "force_list", "force_tuple", "framework_iterator", "lstm", "merge_dicts", "one_hot", "override", "relu", "sigmoid", "softmax", "try_import_tf", "try_import_tfp", "try_import_torch", "ConstantSchedule", "DeveloperAPI", "ExponentialSchedule", "Filter", "FilterManager", "LARGE_INTEGER", "LinearSchedule", "MAX_LOG_NN_OUTPUT", "MIN_LOG_NN_OUTPUT", "PiecewiseSchedule", "PolynomialSchedule", "PublicAPI", "SMALL_NUMBER", ]